19 September 2009

Back - Sorta

Long story short, don't install winXP or win7 on HP computers.
PC havn't worked for 2 months and still not working.

Lost absolutely everything, including my projects MikroASM, Ducky etc...

And to you people at Wiremod.com who all of sudden makes blogs because I made one:
Screw you >_>

22 August 2009

Few GPU's

So I just felt like showing you the GPU progress on 'The First Step' & the 'MikroASM' project.
Anyway, enough talking, more pictures!

MikroASM interface:

'The First Step':

My FlightHUD GPU (Want code released? Just comment!)

(Click to enlarge!)

21 August 2009

Screw Vista

Yes, I've had it.
Vista sucks so badly, I hate it.

Changing to XP.
Don't know why I didn't change to XP right when I got this new comp (Didn't build it, so Vista came with it...).

It's so buggy, how could Bill Gates even let such a crappy OS into mass production?
Absolutely pointless...

20 August 2009

MikroASM startup interface

How it looks in my mind:

(Click for hi-res & full-scale version)

Interface is still to be made in practice.

19 August 2009

I have this new idea.

So yeah, I had this new idea.
It's about sort of my PIP-CPU (zCPU emulator, more info on that later maybe).

Except, it's a modified version of ASM (Assembly).
I've decided to call it "MikroASM", Mikro symbolizes the difference from the actual ASM.

So what it will do:

It will work on E2+GPU entirely.
It will have command prompt (Mostly executing programs, quickly opening the editor and such (Sort of like a console in GMod)).
It will have 2 different languages: MikroASM & MikroASM visual.

The difference being that the Visual version has access to the screen (The GPU) it self.
Currently, I'm working on the string transfer (E2 -> GPU).

I know, I have quite a lot of projects.
Doesn't mean they go in the garbage can though, I will work on all of them and I will finish them.

Anyway, here's a syntax example:

cif reg1 //If reg1, sort if similar to 'cmp x,y'
cgr 10 //Is the current comparison greater than 10?
true; //If it's true do this:
amov reg2,0 //Set reg2 to 0
false; //If it's false do this:
amov reg2,1 //Set reg2 to 1
cbreak; //Break the current if statement
jmp loop //Infinite loop

I'm planing on changing the 'cif' (Comparison-If) to be:
ccmp x,label

Label being the 'name' of the if statement, giving more freedom.
Or just make the 'cbreak' act in another way (95% sure).

New syntax:

cmp eax,ebx
cgr 10
mov ecx,1
mov ecx,0
jmp loop
Syntax is sort of self explanatory, so no comments ( // = comment)

18 August 2009

Back, once again

Back after a day of school, I'll start working a bit on The First Step.
Currently working on the zCPU and the ability to 'place' virtual gates onto the screen.

As of yet, I haven't had any major problems.
I will post progress later on, today.

17 August 2009

The annoying girl


Back after a day of school and hanging out with my friends.
I miss weekends :(

Anyway, I had quite some fun :P
Me and the one I sit next to (2nd hottest girl in class :D) made a girl (Who didn't know what 'Vagina' meant (On danish of course)) think that it meant a dick...

Then later on, we asked her if she knew what 'Vagina' meant, what did she say?
'The thing boys have between their legs'...

And I chose the exact right moment! EVERYONE was laughing like hell AHAH!
It was so stupidly funny, but yeah, she's an asshole anyway :P

Here's the story about her (The 'Vagina' girl):
Around 2 years back, my girlfriend was one of her best friend (Probably the only friend she had).

So of course, she starts to like me (The 'Vagina' girl), and yes, she is ugly as hell...
I was so pissed off...

She always wanted to touch me and shit, HELL annoying...
So one day, when we were having sports in school, it was just a normal hot summer day.

Until I get the ball (We were playing ball).
The fag next to me claims he had it first (A fat boy)!
But hell, I had it so I pulled it out of his weak fat hands...

Guess what? The 'Vagina' girl wants to touch me again and starts trying to take me away...
Finding it a good situation to touch me...
Bad timing, I have to say.

I grabbed her and I owned her so hard.
She almost peed her pants HA!
Everyone was looking and laughing like hell at her while I was just about to hit hear in the head (Until I got my thoughts under control, you don't hit a girl!).

So, then I told my crappy teacher about what has been going on for 2 years and I was getting tired of her bullshit.
And FINALLY she stopped being a bitch.
That was about damn time...

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the story about the 'Vagina' girl.

The First Step - Progress

So I've considered changing the E2+GPU+CPU combo back into E2+GPU.
Even though I considered it I got to the conclusion that I will not make it that way.

Meaning E2+GPU+CPU is the final combo.
Anyway, great progress is still being made.

Current GPU progress:

Current E2 progress:

Current CPU progress:

Setup instructions:
First of all, type in:

1) wire_gpu_model models/hunter/plates/plate1x1.mdl
In your console.
The E2 is currently designed for that model.

2) Upload the program to the GPU.

3) Spawn the E2 on the backside of that GPU (Must be spawned ON the GPU!).

4) Spawn a memory gate (size doesn't matter)

5) Hit the memory gate with E2-Wirelink tool.

6) Wire the E2 to the Memory gate.

7) Wire the IObus from the GPU to the Memory gate (Not the wirelink output!).

8) Try out the keypad in the lower right section!

16 August 2009


My other project called 'Ducky' has also taken the basic shape, mostly in theory though.
This 'Ducky' project is a complex AI-Chatbot with a ~4500 word dictionary.
And yes, it was one hell of a bitch to put all those words into E2's.

Anyways, the way this dictionary works is quite simply in fact.
It explodes a large string each space, turning it into an array.

An example could be:

String =
"Lol "+
"Fail "+
"Win "+
Array = String:explode(" ")

Except of course, in a huge scale (~4500 words, 30-40% of them being nouns).
Each E2 has a word type/category which includes all these:


When the strings are made and exploded into arrays, it starts using the 'sort of new' GLON and global variables.
The advantage of that being that I don't have to respawn a 5000 line E2 each time I modify it.
Since when I spawn the dictionary E2's, they will save to the current session although being removed after a restart.

The AI-Control chip then picks up the GLON data and decodes them into normal arrays.
I have not yet made any/much progress on the AI-Controller, but I have in theory completed it (Planning etc...).

This will NOT be an open-source project until further change.

Anyways, I have a chat between me and a friend where I describe all the details of how to detect words, analyze them and act upon them.
Although it is a bit weird as I removed his words so I'm not gonna show you the details today.

Anyway, I have homework to do.
Further questions will or will not be answered, depends on IF they even can be answered.

Slight change in plans

After a little conversation with Matte (GMod & Wiremod user) I have decided to change the E2+zGPU combo into something more challenging.

I've decided to do it E2+zGPU+zCPU.
The E2 only being there so I don't have to use that damn buggy Graphics tablet.

All data processing will be made inside the zCPU.
Meaning the zCPU will be the power plant.

I have yet to start coding the zCPU.
Anyways, the zCPU will not data-stream the on-screen constant value tool (The keypad), however, the E2 will do that for some slight advantages and to reduce complexity as well.

Further questions can be asked by commenting to this post.

Progress - The First Step

Great progress is being done on The First Step.
This is an open-source project so I WILL release the current progress, pictures, code etc... Every now and then.
I'll start now:

alloc clk

mov #65533,0

cmp #clk,1
je _end

inc #clk

dcolor menucol2
drect menu3,menu4

dcolor menucol1
drect menu1,menu2

dcolor menucol2
drect menu5,menu6

vmov con,constart
dcolor menucol2
cmp eax,9
je _but
dcolor menucol2
mov ebx,eax
mod ebx,3
mul ebx,33
mov #con.x,ebx
add #con.x,410

mov ebx,eax
div ebx,3
fint ebx
mul ebx,20
mov #con.y,ebx
add #con.y,450
drectwh con,consize

add #con.x,10
dcolor white
mov ecx,eax
inc ecx
dwritei con,ecx
sub #con.x,10

inc eax
jmp _start


dsetsize 15
dcolor led
drect ledscr1,ledscr2
dcolor white
dwritei ledscr1,port0


color led,30,100,155

color menucol1,100,100,100
color menucol2,50,50,50
color white,255,255,255

vec2f menu1,5,420
vec2f menu2,507,507
vec2f menu3,0,415
vec2f menu4,512,512

vec2f menu5,400,420
vec2f menu6,405,512

vec2f ledscr1,410,425
vec2f ledscr2,500,445

vec2f con
vec2f consize,25,10
vec2f constart,10,450

That code being the current progress in the GUI using the GPU.
In the lower right section you can see that the constant value GUI has been finished and only requires E2 coding to work.

There aren't gonna be any pictures for now because I can't be arsed doing so.
If you have any comments/questions on my code or this project in general then please post/ask.


So I'm trying to beat -HP- at his number of brains eaten, but I fail miserably so now!
I'm asking YOU to help me beat him! :D

Help me beat -HP-!

Off-Topic note: "The First Step - GMod" is coming along great!
I'm currently working on the GUI (Graphical user interface) and afterwards I will make the constant value tool!


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