16 August 2009


My other project called 'Ducky' has also taken the basic shape, mostly in theory though.
This 'Ducky' project is a complex AI-Chatbot with a ~4500 word dictionary.
And yes, it was one hell of a bitch to put all those words into E2's.

Anyways, the way this dictionary works is quite simply in fact.
It explodes a large string each space, turning it into an array.

An example could be:

String =
"Lol "+
"Fail "+
"Win "+
Array = String:explode(" ")

Except of course, in a huge scale (~4500 words, 30-40% of them being nouns).
Each E2 has a word type/category which includes all these:


When the strings are made and exploded into arrays, it starts using the 'sort of new' GLON and global variables.
The advantage of that being that I don't have to respawn a 5000 line E2 each time I modify it.
Since when I spawn the dictionary E2's, they will save to the current session although being removed after a restart.

The AI-Control chip then picks up the GLON data and decodes them into normal arrays.
I have not yet made any/much progress on the AI-Controller, but I have in theory completed it (Planning etc...).

This will NOT be an open-source project until further change.

Anyways, I have a chat between me and a friend where I describe all the details of how to detect words, analyze them and act upon them.
Although it is a bit weird as I removed his words so I'm not gonna show you the details today.

Anyway, I have homework to do.
Further questions will or will not be answered, depends on IF they even can be answered.

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