17 August 2009

The First Step - Progress

So I've considered changing the E2+GPU+CPU combo back into E2+GPU.
Even though I considered it I got to the conclusion that I will not make it that way.

Meaning E2+GPU+CPU is the final combo.
Anyway, great progress is still being made.

Current GPU progress:

Current E2 progress:

Current CPU progress:

Setup instructions:
First of all, type in:

1) wire_gpu_model models/hunter/plates/plate1x1.mdl
In your console.
The E2 is currently designed for that model.

2) Upload the program to the GPU.

3) Spawn the E2 on the backside of that GPU (Must be spawned ON the GPU!).

4) Spawn a memory gate (size doesn't matter)

5) Hit the memory gate with E2-Wirelink tool.

6) Wire the E2 to the Memory gate.

7) Wire the IObus from the GPU to the Memory gate (Not the wirelink output!).

8) Try out the keypad in the lower right section!

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