16 August 2009

Progress - The First Step

Great progress is being done on The First Step.
This is an open-source project so I WILL release the current progress, pictures, code etc... Every now and then.
I'll start now:

alloc clk

mov #65533,0

cmp #clk,1
je _end

inc #clk

dcolor menucol2
drect menu3,menu4

dcolor menucol1
drect menu1,menu2

dcolor menucol2
drect menu5,menu6

vmov con,constart
dcolor menucol2
cmp eax,9
je _but
dcolor menucol2
mov ebx,eax
mod ebx,3
mul ebx,33
mov #con.x,ebx
add #con.x,410

mov ebx,eax
div ebx,3
fint ebx
mul ebx,20
mov #con.y,ebx
add #con.y,450
drectwh con,consize

add #con.x,10
dcolor white
mov ecx,eax
inc ecx
dwritei con,ecx
sub #con.x,10

inc eax
jmp _start


dsetsize 15
dcolor led
drect ledscr1,ledscr2
dcolor white
dwritei ledscr1,port0


color led,30,100,155

color menucol1,100,100,100
color menucol2,50,50,50
color white,255,255,255

vec2f menu1,5,420
vec2f menu2,507,507
vec2f menu3,0,415
vec2f menu4,512,512

vec2f menu5,400,420
vec2f menu6,405,512

vec2f ledscr1,410,425
vec2f ledscr2,500,445

vec2f con
vec2f consize,25,10
vec2f constart,10,450

That code being the current progress in the GUI using the GPU.
In the lower right section you can see that the constant value GUI has been finished and only requires E2 coding to work.

There aren't gonna be any pictures for now because I can't be arsed doing so.
If you have any comments/questions on my code or this project in general then please post/ask.

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