19 August 2009

I have this new idea.

So yeah, I had this new idea.
It's about sort of my PIP-CPU (zCPU emulator, more info on that later maybe).

Except, it's a modified version of ASM (Assembly).
I've decided to call it "MikroASM", Mikro symbolizes the difference from the actual ASM.

So what it will do:

It will work on E2+GPU entirely.
It will have command prompt (Mostly executing programs, quickly opening the editor and such (Sort of like a console in GMod)).
It will have 2 different languages: MikroASM & MikroASM visual.

The difference being that the Visual version has access to the screen (The GPU) it self.
Currently, I'm working on the string transfer (E2 -> GPU).

I know, I have quite a lot of projects.
Doesn't mean they go in the garbage can though, I will work on all of them and I will finish them.

Anyway, here's a syntax example:

cif reg1 //If reg1, sort if similar to 'cmp x,y'
cgr 10 //Is the current comparison greater than 10?
true; //If it's true do this:
amov reg2,0 //Set reg2 to 0
false; //If it's false do this:
amov reg2,1 //Set reg2 to 1
cbreak; //Break the current if statement
jmp loop //Infinite loop

I'm planing on changing the 'cif' (Comparison-If) to be:
ccmp x,label

Label being the 'name' of the if statement, giving more freedom.
Or just make the 'cbreak' act in another way (95% sure).

New syntax:

cmp eax,ebx
cgr 10
mov ecx,1
mov ecx,0
jmp loop
Syntax is sort of self explanatory, so no comments ( // = comment)

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