17 August 2009

The annoying girl


Back after a day of school and hanging out with my friends.
I miss weekends :(

Anyway, I had quite some fun :P
Me and the one I sit next to (2nd hottest girl in class :D) made a girl (Who didn't know what 'Vagina' meant (On danish of course)) think that it meant a dick...

Then later on, we asked her if she knew what 'Vagina' meant, what did she say?
'The thing boys have between their legs'...

And I chose the exact right moment! EVERYONE was laughing like hell AHAH!
It was so stupidly funny, but yeah, she's an asshole anyway :P

Here's the story about her (The 'Vagina' girl):
Around 2 years back, my girlfriend was one of her best friend (Probably the only friend she had).

So of course, she starts to like me (The 'Vagina' girl), and yes, she is ugly as hell...
I was so pissed off...

She always wanted to touch me and shit, HELL annoying...
So one day, when we were having sports in school, it was just a normal hot summer day.

Until I get the ball (We were playing ball).
The fag next to me claims he had it first (A fat boy)!
But hell, I had it so I pulled it out of his weak fat hands...

Guess what? The 'Vagina' girl wants to touch me again and starts trying to take me away...
Finding it a good situation to touch me...
Bad timing, I have to say.

I grabbed her and I owned her so hard.
She almost peed her pants HA!
Everyone was looking and laughing like hell at her while I was just about to hit hear in the head (Until I got my thoughts under control, you don't hit a girl!).

So, then I told my crappy teacher about what has been going on for 2 years and I was getting tired of her bullshit.
And FINALLY she stopped being a bitch.
That was about damn time...

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the story about the 'Vagina' girl.

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