19 September 2009

Back - Sorta

Long story short, don't install winXP or win7 on HP computers.
PC havn't worked for 2 months and still not working.

Lost absolutely everything, including my projects MikroASM, Ducky etc...

And to you people at Wiremod.com who all of sudden makes blogs because I made one:
Screw you >_>


  1. and no fucking body cares to read your crappy blog :P

  2. Lol really think I give a shit?
    I made this blog because it's easier to keep track of projects you r-tard lol.

  3. Im on a HP laptop. i installed windows 7 the moment i got my hands on it. Works perfectly and windows update found all the drivers needed

  4. Hmm, I think I should make a blog... YES YES!

  5. The Righteous one27 March 2010 at 14:05

    Go fuck ur mothers little immature low lifes :D



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